The second EU passport
is an investment in the future

Free consultation with an international lawyer



  • Advantage 1

    Comprehensive support of the immigration process

    Specialists provide the applicant with assistance at all stages of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship.

  • Advantage 2

    Respect for confidentiality

    The company adheres to strict principles of non-disclosure of information and personal data of the client.

  • Advantage 3

    Flexible payment system

    The calculation is made in several stages in any way convenient for the applicant.



Citizenship of Slovenia

Persons whose ancestors were citizens of the Republic of Slovenia can go through a simplified procedure for obtaining a passport…


Citizenship of Romania

Applicants can apply for a Romanian passport by origin. The procedure does not require prior residence in the territory of…


Citizenship of Bulgaria

A quick and economical way to obtain Bulgarian citizenship is repatriation. To pass the simplified procedure, it is necessary to…


EU citizenship through investment in Romania

You can get the status of a citizen of the European Union through investments in Romania - the amount will…


Cyprus citizenship by investment

You can get a Cyprus passport 5 years after investing money in the amount of 300,000 EUR. It is possible…


Maltese Citizenship by Investment

A Maltese passport by investment can be obtained within 1-3 years. The amount of capital investments is from 650 000…


Austrian citizenship by investment

Foreigners can obtain the status of an Austrian citizen within 18 months. To obtain a passport, it is necessary to…

European citizenship

is enabled to everyone

Free consultation with an international lawyer


How can the lawyers 

help you

  • Solving immigration problems of varying complexity

    Solving immigration problems of varying complexity

    The company's lawyers provide qualified assistance in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in the EU countries.

  • Accompanying a personal lawyer

    Accompanying a personal lawyer

    Each client is assigned a specific expert who knows about all the nuances of the situation and provides advice at all stages of the procedure.

  • Guaranteed achievement of the migration goal

    Guaranteed achievement of the migration goal

    Lawyers with international education help applicants to successfully immigrate to the chosen country.


process with us

Step 1

  • 1. Consulting

The lawyer provides the client with information about the current immigration programs, the formation and submission of dossiers, as well as other features of the process.

Step 2

  • Contract conclusion

To ensure the security of cooperation and compliance with all agreements, a contract on the provision of services is concluded.

Step 3

  • Legal support

Throughout the procedure for obtaining citizenship, constant support is provided by an expert in international law.

Step 4

  • Get internal documents.

After receiving a certificate of citizenship, lawyers will help you complete all the necessary internal documents and get an EU standard passport in a short time.

Step 5

  • Successful immigration to an EU country

Experts control the process of obtaining all the required documents, after which the applicant can move to the territory of the European Union.

European citizenship

is enabled to everyone

Free consultation with an international lawyer



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What our clients

tell about us

We are glad to get client review

The company adheres to the principles of high-quality and prompt provision of services in the field of immigration. Below are clients` reviews about cooperation.

  • Lawyers simply do their job very well and give real terms for issuing a passport. In principle, it was thanks to this that I decided to cooperate with them at the first consultation. Not disappointed, I`ve immigrated successfully.  

    Valentina A.
  • I radically changed my life by moving to Europe. The migration experts helped me a lot, because I would hardly have taken into account all the nuances of obtaining a residence permit. Undoubtedly, it is better to apply to professionals and be sure of the result.  

    Olga V.
  • Previously, we did not think about immigration, but times are changing. Fortunately, the wife has Romanian roots, so she was able to easily obtain citizenship. I still have a residence permit, but eventually I will also get a passport. Thanks to your company for your help, you helped us a lot.  

    Yuri N.
  • Experts are responsible and reliable. They really accompany the process, there is no need to remind them something and check their work. And the prices are quite reasonable. At first, I thought it was a complicated process, but with such support everything went smoothly, so I was pleasantly surprised. My investment is already making a profit, and my second passport allows me to travel all over the world.  

    Vyacheslav K.
  • A friend advised me to apply here, he was able to immigrate thanks to the help of this company. I decided that, in general, I would not lose anything if I really will try to get a residence permit. And it’s good that I overcame doubts, now I live happily in Europe.  

    Antony G.
  • There were only good impressions about cooperation with this company. Obtaining citizenship is a very important procedure, so I am glad that I applied here, everything went without any problems. Thanks to the lawyers for their help.  

    Helene K.
  • A decent company, the specialists are professionals in solving problems. Thanks to them, we immigrated to Austria as a family (I invested in a business). By the way, soon we will get citizenship with the whole family.  

    Nikolai S.
  • In short, immigration was successful. At the very beginning of cooperation, the lawyers answered all my questions and asked as much as possible about the situation in which I am. As a result, I got citizenship without any problems, which I had long dreamed of.  

    Dmitry L.
  • The experts did an excellent job with their duties, and I really liked that they were in touch for advice on my questions. And I got my passport quickly, without unnecessary delay. Thank you very much for everything!  

    Veronica K.